CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)


What is CLA?


CLA is a weight loss supplement that works with your body's inner cogs to give you the results you
need. It contains fatty acids that your body needs help to produce. These essential acids can be
found in some of the foods we consume on a regular basis; mostly animal-based foods. Supplements
are a more efficient way of introducing these essential acids into your body as they can help save
time, money, and a whole bunch of tummy aches.


What does CLA do for me?

There have been a number of studies that have been focused on the effects of CLA on our bodies.
The findings of these studies were that we could use fat to burn fat. As crazy as this sounds, there's
enough evidence behind it to convince most science boffs. How this works is that CLA increases how
efficiently we turn food into energy; this helps you lose body fat. It has been suggested that CLA
turns body fat into muscle which then maintains your overall body weight.
Now if you happen to be overweight then CLA works a lot better for you. Not only does it help you
lose body fat but it also helps you maintain your initial weight reductions for longer. If you aren't
overweight, you can still benefit from the use of CLA. Studies have shown that people with normal
BMI's will experience effective reductions in body fat. This makes CLA a great addition to most
training regimes.
Apart from helping you reduce fat and grow your lean muscle, it has some health benefits. CLA has
been known to help reduce insulin sensitivity, blood glucose levels, and blood pressure. It also helps
to boost your immune system which makes you less susceptible to illnesses.


What kind of sorcery is this?

Reading the benefits of taking CLA can easily lead you to believe that it's a magic bullet. Do not
forget that this is only a supplement; the repetitive use of the word 'help' is not coincidental.
Partnering it with a good diet and training regimen can effectively reduce fat and increase the
growth of lean muscle. This means that you can see better results without having to do any more
than you're doing right now.

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